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Aluminum canopy, awning, Polycarbonate awning, PC sheet

The Aluminum canopy consists of roof and main structure and accessories. The roof is use of virgin Makrolon material polycarbonate sheet, which has high pressure resistance, high impact resistance, adjustable light transmittance and aging resistance. The main structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which can resist all kinds of bad weather.

The Paramenter of canopy
Size:customized           Roof:Polycarbonate sheet
structure materials: Aliuminum alloy      structure texture:electroplate or sand blast

Type:Beam type and Column Type

Aluminum canopy Project color show

Our Aluminum canopy advantages
1.Support structure choose by high-strength aluminum alloy, it can resist Typhoon 12
2.Independent drainage system, increase the sink. Get into the water quickly. Eliminate overflow
3.Curved design for self-cleaning
4.Aluminum support used advanced EFI technology, no welding, no paint, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging. Outdoor warranty for 30 years
5.The roof is made of polycarbonate sheet, which can intercept high-altitude falling objects and provide a safe place for your trip.
6.The polycarbonate sheet roof has an anti-UV coating that blocks 99% of the UV rays. Protect family health



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