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  • PC sheet canopy
  • PC sheet canopy
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PC sheet canopyPC sheet canopyPC sheet canopyPC sheet canopyPC sheet canopy

PC sheet canopy

  • Product Item : PC sheet canopy
  • Category: awning
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  • PC awning
  • polycarbonate sheet
  • Product description:We are top PC sheet canopy manufacturers and suppliers in China. PC sheet canopy,awning,5mm Polycabonate hollow sheet or 2.5mm Polycarbonate solid sheet with plastic bracket

The canopy are assembled by PC hollow sheets or solid sheet and brackets(plastic or Aluminum),which have features such as UV protection, high weather resistance, safety and convenience, long service life, etc. They are applicable to places where various shades are needed in houses, factories, and public places.

The PC canopy's specification
Sheet: 2.5mm PC solid sheet or 5mm PC hollow sheet
Bracket length: 600mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm
Bracket materials: Pleastic

Featurers of PC canopy:
1.Light Transmission
The light transmission reaches 12%-82% depending upon colour and thickness.

Attributing to proprietary anti-UV coating, Polycarbonate sheet remains perfect mechanical and optical performance after exposed in sunshine.

3.Weather Ability
It has super-weather ability,which maintains excellent performance in wide temperature range from -40°C—120°C.

4.Fire retardance :Flame retardant and Turn off left Fire

5.Easy Installation
Easy to install and all accessories together

Impact Resistance: falling two meters by 3kg hammer no crack, no broken

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