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  • DIY Polycarbonate awning
  • DIY Polycarbonate awning
  • DIY Polycarbonate awning
  • DIY Polycarbonate awning
  • DIY Polycarbonate awning
DIY Polycarbonate awningDIY Polycarbonate awningDIY Polycarbonate awningDIY Polycarbonate awningDIY Polycarbonate awning

DIY Polycarbonate awning

  • Product Item : DIY Polycarbonate awning
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  • DIY Polycarbonate awning
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  • Product description:Polycarbonate awning, aluminum awnings for homes, mobile home awnings, and aluminum awnings exporter in China. Foshan Shunde Hengchangxin plastic products co. Ltd is a top manufacturer and supplier of

The DIY Polycarbonate awnings are assembled by PC sheets and brackets(plastic and Aluminum),which have features such as UV protection, high weather resistance, safety and convenience, long service life, etc. They are applicable to places where various shades are needed in houses, factories, and public places.

Polycarbonate awning specification



Bracket materials: Plastic
Panel: 5mm Polycarbonate hollow sheet
The awning features
1.It has completely changed the traditional practice of metal welding. The Tonon awning is assebled by brackets and Polycarbonate sheets. New concept and simple structure. The assembly parts are all machine mass production, quality and engineering quality are guaranteed.
2.It can safely resist the positive invasion of Typhoon 12.
3.The Polycarbonate awning adopts a special shade awning with characteristics of wind resistance, anti-corrosion, impact resistance and anti-aging.Strong and durable, it’s ruggedness allows a 4.5 kg iron ball to be lowered directly to ensure no damage. The service life of plastic awnings is 8-15 times that of ordinary awnings. The result of accelerated aging test is that slush plastic awnings can be used for over 20 years in bad weather conditions.
4.The Polycarbonate awning can better solve the problem of wind resistance and noise. which have self-cleaning rain, and silencer function.
5.Convenient for agent operation. There is no need for a workshop for ordinary awning, production workers, etc., only to install workers, or to outsource the operation costs

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